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MEET The Magnificent 007s from the Rotary Club of Dunfermline, who have bonded together to throw themselves off the Forth Bridge to aid Rotary good causes.

The team, with a collective age of 439 years, is to take part in the South Queensferry Club's world-famous Forth Bridge abseil on 16th June by free falling 165 feet, SAS-style, from the iconic structure.

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If you prefer, you can make donations by cheque or cash. Please send them to Jumpnuts, Thomson Cooper, 3 Castle Court, Carnegie Campus, Dunfermline, KY11 8PB

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It will be the latest adrenaline rush for three of the Rotarians who, as 'Geriatric Geronimos', were members of the club's Jumpnuts team who in 2010 made a tandem parachute jump from 10,000 feet to raise over £11,000 for the Children's Hospice Association (Scotland) and Rotary campaigns. (for details click here)

President Bill Runciman (71), ex-Royal Navy captain Tom Sunter (71) and Brian Mitchell, aged 65 and still working in IT, are no strangers to high adventure.

Bill and Brian are both experienced climbers and hillwalkers and know the ropes when it comes to abseiling, while Tom professes no experience in abseiling, but admits to "some slight background in jumping into the sea from various heights."

However, the retired mariner - the Navy's last commander at Rosyth - suggests, "After three daughters and four grandchildren, jumping off the Forth Bridge should be a doddle!"


Bill has recently returned from a Himalayan ascent to research the physiological effects of altitude, simultaneously raising £1376 in sponsorship for CHAS by scaling Mera Peak.

Brian says, "Abseiling off the Forth Bridge is on my 'Bucket List' was jumping out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet a couple of years ago!"

Brian 'bagged' his first Munro 50 years ago but is in no rush to bag his remaining 16 summits, although each year he ascends Ben Nevis through his involvement in the Scout Challenge with Dunfermline's 2nd Fife Group.



Also no novices in hitting the heights are retired consultant urologist David Lyth (65), who has just returned from a five-year surgical mission to Africa; and 67-year-old company director, David Chalmers, an experienced international trekker, whose highest peak climbed was just over 20,000 feet.

"Oddly enough, I don't have a head for heights...but that hasn't stopped me so far," says David Chalmers. " I haven't abseiled for 20 years. Hopefully, someone has checked that the tide will be out when I get to the bottom!"




David Lyth has climbed seven volcanoes over 4000 metres in Central Africa, and scores of smaller summits. At the tender age of 12, he became the youngest to successfully climb Kilimanjaro.




It will, however, be a maiden leap of faith for two of the team: 38-year-old dental surgeon Craig Beeley - "My only previous abseil was from seven feet. I am more of a trekker than a jumper, but I will give it a good go" - and 62-year-old Dunfermline garage owner, Tom Arnott.


Tom confesses, "I am a fully paid-up member of the Fear of Heights Club, but hope to complete this abseil without too many tears or embarrassing displays of cowardice. My inspiration is that, in some small way, the money raised will help teenage cancer victims as they have a far greater fear to face than the one I hope to overcome So please help us to help them."


Pictured abseiling down Orkney's Old Man of Hoy, Bill has over the years abseiled down rock faces, ice walls, sea cliffs and sea stacks.
He recalls the occasion when his climbing partner in the Alps called off, and he teamed up with a local climbing veteran who spoke no English. "The old chap sang all the time, sometimes partly in English, and his favourite was Frank Sinatra's greatest hit, 'Stranger in the Night.' We agreed, 'Dooby, dooby, doo' meant, 'I am on belay' and 'Da de da de da' meant, 'OK to descend now.' These we sang loudly, as the great amusement of other nearby climbers, some of whom couldn't see us."



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