May 22nd - the BIG day

The Jumpnuts arrived at 08:30; very excited especially as they knew that they had exceeded the target for donations and the thermometer was full to overflowing

As the day went on, they waited....and waited. Family and friends arrived and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch.

and we watched other people jumping


At about 3;00 we heard the Tannoy - Tom and Bill were called to get kitted up. Rubber helmets and romper suits.

Each with his instructor perched on his shoulder they climbed int the plane (4feet or so) then the plane climbed to 10,000feet - about 2 miles. This gave them about 20 minutes to reflect on the wisdom of their decision then it was -Jump! and out they went. After free falling the first mile, straight down at 100 mph the parachutes opened they flew down to pinpoint landings.


With vast smiles they came to greet their adoring public.


Lastly they collected their certifcates

Subsequently, Gerry and David then Mike and Brian enjoyed the same experience.

David looks very happy to be down!

Mike and Brian are ready to fly!

Oscar Papa takes off - good registration number?

And they all huddled together - for warmth, or mutual confidence!

Then out you go.....

Mike looks calm but wait till they turn over and look down!

And all too soon it was over

Gerry, Brian and Mike with the men who just saved their lives